The rivers of life

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The rivers of life

The rivers of life

The best online radio in Ghana and beyond is at it again!!! It has come your way again with a programme called “Aseda Lunch Hour” which touched on the topic ‘the rivers of life’. The programme is designed by the team at Lutheran Media Ministry to Entertain, Educate and Inform workers who are on lunch break in their various institutions.

Host; on the rivers of life

The programme is hosted by Ace Broadcaster, Nii Kwatelai Quartey; popularly known as DJ Nii. He touched on the topic “the rivers of life’.

Tuesday’s (21st January, 2020) edition was very motivational since the Ace Broadcaster touched on an inspirational message to his listeners.

To begin with, he gave a quote which says that “God removes people from your life because he heard conversations about you that you did not hear”. On this, DJ Nii lamented that sometimes it’s difficult to let go of the past. ”Sometimes, when people leave us, we turn to blame Jesus Christ, but at the end of the day, we realize that God removed those people because He knew them more than you do”. DJ Nii added.

DJ Nii on the rivers of life

In further explanation, DJ Nii made a reference to ‘river’. He said, “ And when it happens, behave like a river; because rivers never go reverse. This means that FORGET ABOUT THEE PAST AND FOCUS ON THE FUTURE”. That’s the rivers of life. Should in case someone provokes you to the extreme level, just walk away; not for ego, but for self-respect. Because anger is just one letter away from danger.

In conclusion, the Ace Broadcaster highlighted on three important things that we need in moving on in life.

To begin with, he said    Never beg for attention.
Never trust anyone. You have to trust Jesus Christ only.
Never depend on anyone. Only depend on God. That’s the rivers of life

Aseda Lunch Hour comes your way every Tuesdays from the hours of 12:00pm to 2:00pm on Aseda Lutheran Radio and its proudly brought to you by The Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ghana.

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