LMM Adidome Outreach; Eye testing

LMM Adidome outreach
Medical Outreach Rural Outreach

LMM Adidome Outreach; Eye testing

LMM Adidome outreach

Rural outreach too the Lutheran Media Ministry to Adidome in the Volta Region on a 5 days where the community people were tested and diagnosed of various eye challenges. the people where equally counseled and came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ the Begotten Son of God,

LMM outreach Counseling
Counseling section where a Traditional Chief is learning that Salvation is found in nothing and no one except the Son of God – Jesus Christ
LMM Outreach Ministry Manager
The director of Affairs in control of events in Adidome during the 2nd day of the Eye Screening
LMM outreach Activities
Process of activities during the Medical Outreach about 560 people were tested for their sight and were given eye glasses!


Matt 6:22
Having gone through the counseling; people waited patiently to see the Doctor; for their eyes to be tested and given glasses for sight and reading..

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