About Us

About Us


Lutheran Hour Ministries began at the grassroots level as the Lutheran Laymen’s League, a group of 12 laypeople who came together to support the church in word and deed. What began with 12 has become a movement of tens of thousands of volunteers and supporters around the globe. In 1930, “There is a God” were the first words spoken on The Lutheran Hour® radio program broadcast over the airwaves to thousands of listeners. Today the Gospel message reaches over 51 million people on a weekly basis through ministry efforts such as Bible Correspondence Courses, Outreach Training, Bible Studies, Daily Devotions and, of course, The Lutheran Hour.


Our first Ministry Center opened its doors in the Philippines in 1940; today we are able to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to over 50 countries through our 34 ministry centers on 6 continents. With our unique missionary model of employing only indigenous staff, Lutheran Hour Ministries is able to work within the language and culture to communicate the Gospel in the context of the local region. For nearly 100 years, God has used Lutheran Hour Ministries to bring the changeless Christ to a changing world. The communication methods have shifted, but the message has remained the same.


In partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana, the Ministry has the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people and serves as the link between the people and the Church


People volunteer with us for many different reasons, but they all have one thing in common: by giving their time they are helping to make a difference in someone’s life.


“It is God’s mission to rescue people who have become separated from Him, restore relationships with them and renew them for holy living and service to others. His message is simple: rescue, restoration and renewal are found only in Jesus”. (SALVATION IN CHRIST JESUS)

At Lutheran Media Ministry, Ghana we want to be your partner in calling back the lost and hurting back to the Church; back to forgiveness and grace and back to God and His Word.

Organizational Information

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Board Membership

Lutheran Media Ministry, Ghana is governed by an eight-member board inclusive of the Ministry Director. The Board meets periodically to address various issues and assess the performance of the Ministry.


The Ministry currently has a staff of nine and assisted by eight Regional Coordinators who help in the Ministry's operations in other regions of Ghana.


Lutheran Media Ministry Ghana provides opportunities for Christian young men/women who are willing to serve God by being volunteers for the Ministry. Apart from sharing the Gospel, volunteers have been involved in helping to organize film shows, drama concerts, distribution of BBC materials, Equipping-To-Share workshops and other jobs in the office. Currently LMMG has a musical group “The Crusaders” made up of fifteen band members engaged in singing as a way of touching lives of many who need the love of God. We are believing God that as the years go by we will be able to raise more dedicated youth for God’s work. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.