The good shepherd

God restore us to your glory!

The good shepherd

A lot of people complain about depression lately, so I ask, what exactly could be the cause? Are children of God or Christians also prone to depression? I ask. What makes one depressed? A lot of thoughts, uncertainties, doubts, rejections, disappointments etc. makes one find him or herself in this situation. I asked if children of God should suffer this because we have a father in heaven who is ever ready and willing to listen to us when we pray and equally be our closest friend if only we will permit Him. He left the Holy Spirit with us and also gave us His word, the Bible, to meditate on. The word tells us in Matthew 11: 28 “come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. Why should we worry and stress to get to the point of depression? The issues of this world are never ending but we have a friend and a father we can lean on and run to anytime. Think about this. Let us encourage people around us especially the ones we know very well are going through one issue or the other, God will see us through it all