Punish Ritual Killers In The Society – Prophet Kaakyire To Government.

Prophet Mark Ofori Gyimah (aka Sofo Kaakyire)

Punish Ritual Killers In The Society – Prophet Kaakyire To Government.

The Head Pastor of the Kumasi Breman branch of the Jesus Christ Gospel Power Ministry, Prophet Mark Ofori Gyimah (aka Sofo Kaakyire) has stressed the need for the government to come out with measures that could help curb alleged ritual killings in the country.

In the man of God’s opinion, ritual killings are allegedly one of the factors that are contributing to economic crisis in the country.

Speaking to the media in an interview after church service today, Kaakyire noted that free movement in every society helps citizens to work hard to enhance economic development.

Whilst in the opposite way a movement that hardly goes with freedom retards country’s progress.

The man of God hinted that today many businessmen and women have restrained themselves from traveling far to do businesses within the country because they wanted to protect their lives from ritual killers.

Osofo Kaakyire alleged that ritual killings have taken dominance in the society to such an extent that those who practice the acts are not mindful of even killing innocent citizens in the broad day light and go scot free.

Kaakyire alleged further that many business men and women who contribute to national development have fallen victim or been killed by ritual killers and thus having negative impact in the country.

Traders, drivers among others also fear to go to the hinterlands to bring food stuff to feed the people because of the activities of the alleged ritual killers.

And the results are not only causing food shortages in the society but also contributing to economic hardships

It is for these reasons and many more hence the man of God is passionately appealing to the ‘powers that be’ to come out with measures that could discouraged those citizens who allegedly engage themselves in the criminal acts.

Prophet Kaakyire was hopeful that if his appeal is treated seriously, it would go a long way to allay people from panic and fear to enable them work hard to sustain the economy.

May God preserve us all as we go about our businesses. Amen