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Life Is Precious:

Avoid These Six Habits In Your Life To Achieve A Better Life

In this particular write-up, we are going to discuss about six habits you need to avoid in order to achieve fruitful life.

Excessive porn and masturbation. Both of them can destroy your mind and your thought process. Masturbation is a natural way to cater to our physical urges, and I encourage that but in a healthy way. Over-watching porn and then masturbating is not a healthy habit.

Smoking. Cigarettes are the most lethal silent killer in our society today. Not only do they cause lung cancer, but they are also a major reason behind cardiovascular irregularities. Smoking during impregnation and pregnancy can also have extremely harmful effects on the baby.

A no-exercise schedule. Not having some form of exercise as a part of your daily routine is a strict no-no. You can resort to any type of physical exercise that you wish: Yoga, Jogging, Gym, or Running. But some exercise is absolutely essential.

Using your phone in bed at night. Studies have shown that using your mobile phone right before you go to sleep can significantly disrupt your sleep quality. Also, the light from your phone’s display has an effect of “tricking” your brain into staying up late. When you get inside your blanket, make sure the phone is at least 2 meters away.

Not eating a balanced diet. Particularly in our 20s and 30s, because we are still young and energetic and what we eat does not have any visible effect on our day to day routine. But it is extremely important to eat well, or else you will curse yourself in your 50s and 60s. Take care of your body when you are young, and it will take care of you when you are old.

Never stop dreaming and keep on setting goals. You must have heard the phrase “Never Settle” a number of times in life and there’s a reason for that. When you work towards something, towards a specific goal, then you’ll automatically be motivated to do other stuff. That energy, that feeling of seeing something in front of you and then working towards it is amazing.

Above all these, give your life to Jesus Christ and take Him as your Lord and Personal Saviour. The bible says in

Matthew 6:33

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

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