Let me just take this money, no one will notice, there is a lot of it. She is my girlfriend, I can have sex with her and there is no wrong with that, let me just tell this small lie, no one will notice, it is just for today. See how big and old that lady is, who is ever going to marry her?  We all at some point in our lives find ourselves doing one thing or the other that does not glorify God in any way. There is nothing as a small lie or big lie, we have no excuse to sin, once it is wrong in the sight of God, it is SIN. Let us not deceive ourselves with what we see, read or hear, there is no such thing that is it normal, once it has a name, fornication, flee from it, theft, flee from it, lies, gossips, murder, flee from it. God despise sin and as such, we have to despise it too and have nothing doing with it. I pray God grants us the strength to flee from all evil and also forgive us for the ones committed in Jesus’s name.

confidence to face whatever comes your way