Wealth I believe is not created overnight, it takes time, a lot of effort and hard work to get wealth. Quick wealth or quick money leaves quickly as one acquires it, it does not stay with whoever has it, the same way it came, the same way it leaves. Sometimes I wonder and ask myself what at all on earth we are struggling and killing each other for if at the end of the day we get whatever riches we chasing on earth, the houses, latest phones, cars and fat account and then we die without working to enrich our souls, we die without coming to know Christ and His saving grace. The Bible asks us what profits we have if we gain the whole world and loose our souls. Have we taken time to really understand that scripture or we only quote it when need be? The sun rises at day, and the moon at night, both illuminates the earth but on different times. Obviously, everyone has a set time and season for success, you do not see someone’s possessions and wish for it without working for it, and we need to understand that it is a matter of time and seasons. Let us not be deceived by what we see on social media, some may be genuine but a lot of them can be misleading, let us control our thoughts and use the word of God in our daily activities, the word should be a light onto our paths and a lamp unto our feet. Wealth is a gift from God and I do not see why God would not bless us with it if we work diligently for it. Deuteronomy 28:2 says “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you if you obey the voice of the Lord your GOD”

God be with us all.

Forgive and Reconcile the Reconciled