welcome to the Holy family of God

Easter is over, some few days after Easter, what have you done or found yourself doing after pleading forgiveness and cleansing by the Blood? As Christians, it is our utmost duty to ensure that we do not repeat certain mistakes and acts after pleading for forgiveness. He shed His blood so that we will have life and be forgiven of our sins regardless. Let us make sure not to repeat our sinful acts to cause Him more pains. Let us encourage each other and also talk to them about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The bible makes us understand that the harvest is much but the labourers are few, and it is true, are you willing to be a labourer for God? What do we hear happening in our communities today? Killings, robbery, rape etc. Does these acts send any message to you as a Christian? Obviously, we have a lot to do. After coming to the saving knowledge and grace of God, it is now time to draw others closer to God too, tell them about the saving grace and about Christ tell them about your personal encounters with Christ and let us bring people to Christ. We all have a big task ahead as Christians.