Praise God!! A Converted Woman has become An Evangelist

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Praise God!! A Converted Woman has become An Evangelist

A mother of three from Togo narrates her story about how she converted to Christianity and become an Evangelist. The woman and all her family members were non-Christians and they recorded much death in their family. Her parents gave birth to five children, and four of her siblings are dead. She is the only one left, her grandmother told her she was the next person to die.

She revealed that the man she got married to took her to a soothe sayer to change her destiny for her. After the rituals her husband got money, he bought a car but later lost everything. A man told her in a dream to travel from Togo and come to the Eastern region of Ghana to be saved from death. She then decided to convert to Christianity because how her family members die every year but it will not be possible if she stays in Togo.

She was able to raise some money and traveled to Ghana, an unknown man wearing white clothing gave her directions to the Eastern region. She went to stay with her uncle who later decided to get married to her. But she didn’t agree with this marriage, and her uncle threatened to make her life miserable if she doesn’t marry him. One day she fell sick and was unconscious, she woke up and realized that she was at a shrine.

After she was healed, her uncle did not come back for her, the fetish priest then told her to serve the gods, she stayed in the shrine for six years, the priest cut her shoulder and put herbs in it, she also bathed with some of the herbs, later she too became a fetish priest. Zaria heard a voice telling her to move out of the shrine, she ran away from the shrine and went to Asamankese and stayed with a woman she never know.

She went to church with her new family but was a sinner having six boyfriends who give her money every day. Zaria got pregnant and went through surgery during delivery. She had complications after delivery and was admitted to the Asamankese hospital for more than two months. After she was healed, Zariah repented from all sins and devoted herself to serve God and she became an Evangelist.

Jesus said, “I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (Luke 15:10). Why do they rejoice? Not because they’re surprised, but because a great victory has been won!

May God grant us strength to always believe in Him and if you have not given your life to Christ, do so and be saved. So help us God