Many a time, we find ourselves doing somethings we wished we never had started. Lies, deceit, gossip, backbiting, fornicating, name it, has become a part of our lifestyle which happens to be very sad. The word of God tells us clearly in Romans 12 how we should present ourselves as living sacrifices holy and acceptable unto God. God news, it is never late to change from all our ways and carry the cross even as our Father is about to be nailed on the cross for our sins and iniquities. Let us lay all our burdens at His feet, is it guilt, pain, sickness, confusion, depression? just lay it all down at His feet and he will take care of it. These burdens are too heavy for us to carry. We have a savior who is ready to carry all that on our behalf in exchange, He has promised us peace and comfort as we accept Him as our Lord and savior.

The peace of our Lord be with us forever, Amen.

confidence to face whatever comes your way