Jesus will not send anyone to hell

come unto me and i will give you rest
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Jesus will not send anyone to hell

Jesus will send no one to hell. A person who needs to repent is a person who has done something to repent of. Now the world likes to soften these repent-able acts by renaming them:  calling them errors, mistakes, lapses, ect.

The Bible refuses to play that game of understatements and labels these acts for what they are: sin. Sin is offensive to God; sin separates us from our Loving God who is the Creator of all things…either visible or invisible. Our sin when left not pardoned, demands condemnation and leads to everlasting destruction…

If you go to hell, its your sin that sent you and not Jesus. Jesus was born under the Law not to send people to hell… no! but to save the world

The gracious will of God is for all to be saved. Repent and believe in the name of Jesus, and be saved: May the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be praised now and forever more