God have mercy!! Man Murdered at Kpetoe, Volta Region


God have mercy!! Man Murdered at Kpetoe, Volta Region

An 80-year-old man has been found beheaded in the Agortime Kpetoe District of the Volta Region, the District Chief Executive of Agotime-Ziope, Madam Emelia Adzimah, has said.

The headless body of the man, named Joseph Darko, was reportedly found among some palm trees along a road leading to the Kporta Korfe community.

Madam Emelia Adzimah, Agotime-Ziope District Chief Executive, told the Ghana News Agency that the deceased, popularly known as Afetor Yesu, left his home Monday, June 13, 2022, at around 2300 hours to assist two strangers find a place for the night.

The strangers had reportedly called at his door in search of a place to lodge.

She said the deceased was not seen until a heavy rainfall the following day during which the headless body was found, and the Police were informed.

She said the incident could be attributed to a land dispute.

The Police are, however, yet to comment on the incident.

We pray that God protects us all from any evil. let’s give our lives to Jesus Christ and he will guide and guard us always.