Trusting God


Trusting God

What exactly did I do to deserve this kind of hardship and stress? How did I ever do this? How did I get to this stage? is this a dream? This and many more questions we keep asking ourselves on daily basis.

The word of God encourages us to keep up faith and trust that the God we serve is more than capable and bigger than whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Have you prayed about your present predicament? Have you prayed about whatever situation you find yourself in or thing you are going through? I am very sure the answer is NO, nonetheless, if you have, then leave it to God to finish up and trust Him for a better life and answered prayers.

Sometimes the answers to our prayers delay and we feel all hope is lost but that does not mean God has denied you a good and comfortable life, His word for us is to trust Him to grant our requests because there is nothing too hard for Him to do, He is more than capable to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could think and ask for.

Read Philippians 4:6

The peace of the LORD be with us forever.

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