The Spirit of Giving: Lutheran Media Ministry’s Soup Kitchen in Essamang

Soup kitchen

The Spirit of Giving: Lutheran Media Ministry’s Soup Kitchen in Essamang

In the spirit of spreading joy and compassion during the festive season, the Lutheran Media Ministry orchestrated a heartwarming series of events in Essamang, nestled in the Western Region of Ghana, from the 13th to the 17th of December 2023. This initiative, marked by an unwavering dedication to community service, aimed to bring solace and support to the people of Essamang, resonating the essence of the holiday season.


Kicking off the sequence of altruistic endeavors was a film show on the 15th of December. This captivating event drew attendees from near and distant villages, creating an atmosphere of togetherness and shared experiences. Approximately four hundred individuals gathered, eager to participate and immerse themselves in the meaningful occasion.

Movie night

Continuing their benevolent efforts, the Ministry hosted the Soup Kitchen event on the 16th of December. This day was a testament to generosity as over one thousand individuals, predominantly women and children, were provided with nourishing meals, refreshing drinks, and clothing – essential provisions that brought smiles and comfort to those in need.

Children eating

Sunday, the 17th of December, witnessed a significant and uplifting culmination of the Ministry’s activities as they congregated for worship at St. Mark Lutheran Church. The impact of their initiatives was profoundly evident as nine children, ranging from 7 to 14 years old, graced the church for the first time, expressing a sincere interest in becoming part of the congregation, inspired by the Ministry’s outreach programs.


The depth of the Lutheran Media Ministry’s commitment to service was magnified by the meaningful connections forged and the hope instilled in the hearts of those they touched. Following the church service, the team departed for Accra, filled with gratitude for the opportunity to extend their support and care to the wonderful community of Essamang.

New visitors at St. Mark Lutheran Church

Through these collective efforts, the Ministry provided essential aid and sowed the seeds of hope, fostering a sense of unity and kindness that embodies the true spirit of the holiday season. As the year draws to a close, the Lutheran Media Ministry stands as a beacon of compassion, reflecting the enduring values of empathy and selflessness that continue to inspire us all.