Please Pray For Me; Johnnie Hughes Sends Message To Ghanaians As Condition Worsens

Johnnie Hughes

Please Pray For Me; Johnnie Hughes Sends Message To Ghanaians As Condition Worsens

Host of one of Ghana’s leading television stations TV3 New Day show, Johnnie Hughes has taken to his Twitter page to reveal to Ghanaians his current condition.

In his post on Twitter, Johnnie Hughes made it clear that he is on a hospital bed at the moment receiving treatment. In the picture attached to his post on Twitter, a medical official could be seen injecting the hands of Johnnie Hughes.

This comes barely a week after Johnnie Hughes celebrated his birthday. On his birthday, he organized a NHIS registration for all Ghanaians to come to the premises of Media General and register on the scheme for free. For this reason, Johnnie Hughes added to his post that Ghanaians should pray for him(#PleasePrayForMe).

“Shall I say interesting turn of events? I celebrated my birthday on Monday and organize two days of free NHIS registration to get more people on to the scheme… a few days later, I on an hospital bed. Shi, Nyɔŋmɔ dzi agbo fe fɛɛɛ. #EgbeNaaMomo #PleasePrayForMe #JohnniesBite” he posted.

Johnnie Hughes is popularly known to be a journalist who usually ‘fights’ for the good of Ghanaians. He usually hits hard on government for their various ‘unpopular’ decisions and actions. He also commends government on various good works done. He has been criticized heavily on several occasions by persons who do not support what he does.

Others have heaped praises on him and have encouraged him to keep ‘fighting’ for the Ghanaian people. His recent NHIS registration will surely save the lives of many because a lot of Ghanaians can’t afford to pay an amount close to ¢30 to register to the scheme.

May God grant him healing mercy