Lutheran Media Ministry’s Reformation Celebrations, 2023


Lutheran Media Ministry’s Reformation Celebrations, 2023

The Lutheran Media Ministry, took part in a series of events to commemorate the 2023 Reformation celebration together with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana (ELCG) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church Schools.

From church services to educational quizzes and film showings, the Ministry’s activities were centered on upholding the values and teachings of the Lutheran faith. Here is a recap of the notable events that took place during this celebration:

Pastors after service

Trinity Lutheran Church Reformation Service was held on the 30th of October 2023. The Lutheran Media Ministry covered a church service that was held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Tema, Ghana. The service was a significant part of the Reformation celebration, with Rev. Shadrach John Donkoh, the President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana (ELCG), delivering an inspiring sermon. Rev. Donkoh’s message resonated with the congregation, emphasizing the core principles of the Lutheran faith. He admonished Christians to beware of fake prophets and pastors who extort money from people in the name of salvation for it is not for sale. The Bible text was taken from Romans 1:17

President of ELCG giving a sermon
Members of Trinity Lutheran Church
Choir at Trinity Lutheran Church

Distinguished Dignitaries in Attendance during the service included; Rev. Prof. Naomichi Masaki, representing Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, USA. Rev. Dr. Joel Lehenbauer, a prominent Lutheran figure from the United States of America. Their presence added an international dimension to the celebration, highlighting the global unity within the Lutheran community.

Rev. Dr. Joel Lehenbauer speaking to the congregation.
Rev. Prof. Naomichi Masaki addressing he congregaion

On 31st October, the Ministry organized a National Quiz for Evangelical Lutheran Church Schools. The quiz was designed to test the knowledge of students on key aspects of Lutheran Doctrine, Sword Drills, and Martin Luther’s Reformation. The competition brought together young minds from various Lutheran schools, fostering a spirit of learning and friendship. After three intense rounds of contests, St. Paul’s Lutheran School emerged as the winners. The victorious contestants were rewarded with branded school bags, books, and other reading materials, encouraging their pursuit of knowledge and spiritual growth.

To conclude the Reformation celebration, the Ministry organized a special film showing for the pupils of St. Peter’s Lutheran School in Madina, Ghana, on the 1st of November 2023. The film provided an engaging and educational experience, shedding light on the life and contributions of Martin Luther, whose bold actions in the 16th century set the stage for the Reformation.

Contestants receiving awards
St. Lutheran Chruch School

The Ministry’s dedication to nurturing the faith and knowledge of the younger generation was evident in this event. By providing an opportunity for the pupils to connect with the historical significance of Martin Luther’s Reformation, the Ministry aimed to inspire a new generation of faithful Lutherans.

The Lutheran Media Ministry’s involvement in the Reformation celebration of 2023 was a testament to its commitment to spreading the message of the Gospel. Through the coverage of the Trinity Lutheran Church service, the national quiz, and the enlightening film show, the Ministry played a pivotal role in educating and engaging the Lutheran community in Ghana. The celebration was a powerful reminder of the enduring impact of Martin Luther’s Reformation and the importance of passing down the rich heritage of the faith to future generations.