Kojo Oku basic school needs massive support

Kojo Oku Basic School

Kojo Oku basic school needs massive support

Kojo Oku Basic School is in a deplorable state which needs attention. The school facility is almost a danger zone for students and teachers and needs serious attention. Kojo Oku is a suburb of Nyanyano in Kasoa.

Not long ago Kojo Oku School authorities were painted black in connection with duping parents.

Moving into the school with one of the school authorities for our investigation shows that the school was only doing what it could to make sure the school survives the hardships it is going through at the moment.

Looking at some of the classrooms it is not even advisable for student to sit in those classes and learn due to it unsafe condition for a children.

Some of the classrooms were built by the community who used the students themselves as the masons and laborers to make sure they get a place to study and this structures are like death traps since it was poorly built by students who have no professional knowledge about building.

Sadly speaking the school teachers also sits under trees where they use as their stuff common room and when they see any sign of rainfall they pack their things into the unsafe classrooms to get covered.

At the moment Kojo Oku school lacks drinking water and better classrooms.

In an interview the teachers appealed to the government, old students and parents to help put the school in shape