Impactful Outreach at Sofokrom


Impactful Outreach at Sofokrom

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In the heart of the Western Region of Ghana, nestled within the embrace of nature, lies Sofokrom, a town exuding simplicity and warmth. Here, the spirit of community flourishes, and the Bethel Lutheran Church has woven its presence into the very fabric of this serene haven.

Filmshow Unveils Joy and Unity

On a vibrant Saturday, the 23rd of September, the community center in Sofokrom bore witness to an event that would resonate in the hearts of the people. The Lutheran Media Ministry orchestrated a film show, a cinematic celebration that brought together the people of Sofokrom. The air was imbued with anticipation as over 200 individuals gathered to partake in this communal cinematic experience.

The screen came alive, casting its enchantment upon the eager audience. Laughter, gasps, and contemplative silences rippled through the gathering as they watched “After Rapture”. The event was a testament to the power of God’s word that transcends barriers and connects hearts.

audience at film show event

Illuminating Minds, Kindling Faith

As the sun ushered in a new day, the 24th of September, the focus shifted from the reel of the film show to the reel of life and faith. The Lutheran Media Ministry, in their unwavering dedication to uplifting the community, organized an Equipping to Share (ETS) training session for the devoted members of Bethel Lutheran Church.

This insightful training delved into the art of evangelism and nurturing the spirit. Divided into groups, participants engaged in profound discussions, sharing insights and strategies on how to effectively reach out and nurture others. Each group then presented a summary of their discussions, encapsulating the essence of their learnings.

  Group presentaton
Group study
Group study

Honoring Growth and Devotion

The finale of the training was marked by a meaningful ritual of recognition. Every participant, eager and enlightened, was honored with a Certificate of Commitment. These certificates symbolized not just the completion of a course but a pledge to embody the teachings and spread the light of faith.

The Lutheran Media Ministry’s outreach in partnership with the community of Sofokrom was more than just a series of events. It was a tapestry of unity, learning, and growth. The ripples of these efforts will continue to touch lives, enriching the community and fostering a brighter, faith-filled tomorrow.

Certificate presentaton
Members of Bethel Lutheran church

In this rural outreach, we find the true essence of faith — togetherness, learning, and extending a hand to lift one another. The Lutheran Media Ministry stands firm in its commitment to making a lasting impact, and this event was a testament to its resolute mission.