God deserves thanks: Christians advised to be thankful always

Mr. Daniel Nii Tagoe
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God deserves thanks: Christians advised to be thankful always

Christians have been urged to inculcate the habit of thanksgiving by focusing on the positive aspects of life rather than the negative.

“As Christians, we have to learn to always have faith in God and desist from murmuring and complaining because being grateful also attracts blessings from the Almighty God.”

A presiding elder of the Bethel Assembly branch of the Church of Pentecost, Sempe, Mamprobi in Accra, Mr. Daniel Nii Tagoe, gave the advice when he and his family converged at the church on Sunday to offer thanksgiving to God for his protection over their lives.

Mr. Tagoe, who is also the head of the Arde Nkpa Royal Family, owners of the Kokrobite, Langma and Tuba lands in the Greater Accra Region,  indicated that having a positive attitude towards life is one of the traits of a good Christian, adding that a life of ingratitude does not please God.

He said last year was full of uncertainties for him and his family but God eventually brought them out of the hurdles, adding that with faith, he remained hopeful that the New Year will be filled with blessings.

“My strength lies in the Lord, that is why I have come to his presence to express my gratitude to him for all his mercies towards me and my household,” he added.

Delivering his sermon, the Mamprobi district pastor of the Church of Pentecost, Pastor Benjamin Dankwah,  underscored the need for Christians to have strong belief in God saying, “if you believe in God, he will answer all your requests so keep being hopeful that better things will happen to you this year.

“God never abandons his children, he will continue to care for you,” he added.

Explaining, he stated that those who relied solely on God and trusted him only do not get shaken by unpleasant circumstances but rather have the strong conviction that their future is secured by God.

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