Forgive and Reconcile the Reconciled


Forgive and Reconcile the Reconciled

Forgive and Reconcile the Reconciled

what a friend we have in Jesus

Jesus is the turning point in one’s life and when we do come to Him; He is faithful and ready to welcome you home to God’s family … in Jesus we spiritually and physically become a new creation… all the old things are gone and satan can no longer accuse us… because whatever satan could accuse us off, have been paid for fully by the shedding of Jesus’ precious blood on the Cross on Mount Calvary. .. Thanks be to God for such a Wondrous gift!…..Amen!

You might be thinking, “Well, that’s the pastor. He’s supposed to forgive.” You might be thinking, “My life is a different story. It’s not easy for me.”

In fact, some feelings of hurt may be lingering in your life right now. Perhaps you have suffered much in your relationships… be it family, business whatever, you might be struggling with truckload of trial that affects you every day.

Forgive and Reconcile the Reconciled: Lewis the author of a book called Forgive and Forget, talked about the deep and abiding difficulty of relationship damage. He stated, “It is always personal, unfair, and deep.”