ETS Training at ELCG National Youth Convention

ETS at youth convention

ETS Training at ELCG National Youth Convention

ETS training

In a world where the voices of youth echo with potential and energy, nurturing their spiritual growth becomes paramount. On Friday, October 6th, 2023, Lutheran Media Ministry took a meaningful step toward this goal as part of activities aligned with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana’s (ELCG) National Youth Convention at Mafi Kumasi in the beautiful Volta Region. The Ministry organized an ETS (Equipping To Share) session that would not only enrich the spiritual journey of young minds but also set them on a path of sharing their faith with grace and confidence.

Empowering the Youth with Knowledge

Seventy-six enthusiastic individuals participated in the ETS training program, each of them embarking on a transformative journey of learning and faith. The session was designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge to effectively communicate their spiritual beliefs and engage in meaningful conversations about their faith.

Central to this training was the Ministry’s Gospel outreach booklet, “An Introduction to Spiritual Conversational Curve.” This invaluable resource serves as a guiding light for those on the path to becoming skillful conversationalists in matters of faith. Packed with wisdom and insight, it provides a solid foundation for engaging in meaningful discussions about spirituality, faith, and the teachings of Christ.

Youth during the training

The Power of Conversations

The ability to engage in meaningful conversations about one’s faith is a skill that transcends generations. For the youth, this skill is not only a personal asset but a powerful tool for making a positive impact on the world around them. In a rapidly changing world, where dialogue often shapes beliefs and perspectives, these young individuals are now better equipped to share their faith in a manner that is both engaging and enlightening.

Moving Forward with Purpose

As the sun set over the picturesque landscapes of Mafi Kumasi, these empowered youth carried with them not only newfound knowledge but a sense of purpose. They were not only trained in the art of conversation but inspired to take their faith into the world with enthusiasm.

The youth are the torchbearers of faith and change, and through initiatives like the ETS training, Lutheran Media Ministry is helping to ignite their passion and equip them with the tools to be effective messengers of Christ’s teachings.

ETS presentation
Youth training

This event was just one chapter in the journey of these young individuals who are now better prepared to share their faith and contribute to the spiritual enrichment of their communities and beyond. As the pages of their lives turn, we anticipate the stories they will write, the lives they will touch, and the transformation they will bring to our world through the power of meaningful conversation and unwavering faith.