Bible Correspondence Course at Somanya.

Bible Correspondence Course at Somanya.
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Bible Correspondence Course at Somanya.

The Lutheran Media Ministry visited Somanya from 24th to 25th January 2023 to introduce our Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) program to some schools in the town. The BCC teaches the basic truth of the Christian faith and comes in four series now combined as two. This is made up of “Let’s study the Christian faith and issues of faith” as course one, and “Growing and living in faith” as the second. Each of the combined Courses has a duration of two weeks.

Students at BCC event

There are lesson booklets that enable students to read Bible passages and answer questions to complete a course. this challenges students to dive deep into the truths of the Gospel and express knowledge acquired during the process.

Students reading

Student reading a text from the bible.

Six schools were visited at Somanya and the BCC was introduced to them, specifically, to students from class four to Junior Secondary School levels. Their teachers are also encouraged to take the course to help them in their faith. The team returned to Accra after a successful visit and program.

Students praying

Talking to students

Addressing students


Film show at Ogome

The Tuesday and Wednesday nights, film shows titled “After the Rapture” were organised for the people of Ogome in the Eastern Region. This recorded over 60 people.

Film show

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