Activate God’s Promise In Your Lives advised by Deaconess


Activate God’s Promise In Your Lives advised by Deaconess

Mrs Abronoma Nyarko Kumi-Larbi, Deaconess at the English Assembly of the Church of Pentecost, Lebanon District in Ashaiman, has advised Christians to activate the promise of God in their lives.

She said, God has given Christians His great and precious promises, so that through them Christians may participate in the divine nature.

Speaking during a sermon at the Palace Temple Auditorium on Sunday, Deaconess Kumi-Larbi said for Christians to activate God’s promises in their lives, there was the need to be fully convinced that His Word was true and what He had promised, is His will for their lives.

She noted that Christians must not be worried about the situation they find themselves in but rather have the courage to declare, confess, and agree to the word and prophesy of God at any point in time.

She stated that although God had a promise for every Christian, the promises were not automated unless they were activated.

The Deaconess added “believe and have faith, just confessing is not enough. After that, you must have faith, and ask and obey directions. Have you ever heard people say, why did God allow that to happen or why did it happen to them, they’re such good Christians?

Deaconess Kumi-Larbi reiterated that unbelief was the decision to believe in things that one fears, rather than the promise of God.

She noted that, when Christians asked for something from God they must believe and not doubt, adding that those who doubt were like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

She noted that Christians must not be oblivious of the fact that the first step to activating the promises of God in their lives was to believe His Word, His promise is true, and refuse to allow doubt to occupy their thoughts.

Making reference to Hebrews chapter 3: 8-11, she said the children of Israel missed out on the Promised Land, because of their unbelief; “God had brought them kicking and screaming out of Egypt, showed them His power in the wilderness and yet they failed to walk into the promises of God, because of unbelief.”