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The Lutheran Media Ministry, Ghana, on 9th October, 2019 graduated one hundred and twelve school children who successfully completed the BCC program at the Holy Trinity Lutheran School in Kumasi with each graduating student receiving a free Bible and a certificate. The school was also presented with a certificate and a Bible for participating in the program.

As a Ministry, we believe that the world is lost and we need Jesus to be saved. Jesus Christ will come again and judge the world. Therefore, all must hear and know about Him and take a decision for themselves as to where they want to spend eternity. Our Bible Correspondence Course gives us the opportunity to present the basic truth about the Christian Faith, emphasizing on who Jesus is, what he has accomplished for mankind and His second coming.

The times we are in are evil and the impact of God’s word on the lives of young people cannot be over emphasized. It is our heart desire that more students will participate in the program in our next fiscal year.

The Audience Relations Manager, Olivia Akumani congratulated the graduands for their hard work. She said that many enrolled for the course but not all completed, and the fact that they hard come that far was an indication that they worked harder than the others. She added that as promised the Ministry had come to graduate them with certificates and Bibles. For those who dropped out along the way she admonished them to work harder the next time they get another opportunity.

“To succeed in life, even as students require hard work and perseverance. You must take your studies seriously to pass your exams and to become successful in future” She emphasized, thanking the management of the school for opening their doors to the Ministry to run the program.

Mr. Kofi Kesse, the Supervisor of Studies for the school, thanked the Ministry for bringing the program to the school and requested that it should continue every academic year to support the efforts of the school in modeling the lives of the children morally and spiritually.

Glory be to Jesus for a successful completion of the program and a successful graduation.

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