Regulate your members – Nogokpo Chief to Christian Council


Regulate your members – Nogokpo Chief to Christian Council

Torgbui Agbodzalu Amuzu, the Fiator of Nogokpo, has made a passionate appeal to the  (CCG) to intervene and avert a potential religious conflict in the country.

He expressed concern over the verbal attacks on Nogokpo by certain self-proclaimed religious leaders, including Rev. Patricia Asiedu, popularly known as Nana Agraada and others.

The call comes in response to a viral video in which Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare, founder and general overseer of the , referred to Nogokpo as the “demonic headquarters” in the .

While the archbishop later clarified his comment and expressed no intention to denigrate the town or its people, the Chiefs and some residents of Nogokpo have demanded his presence within two weeks to address the issue.

In an interview with the  (), Fiator Agbodzalu expressed concern that the situation was being misunderstood by Christians, and uninformed comments on  were exacerbating the issue.

He stressed that the Bible does not mention Nogokpo or any specific deity associated with the shrine in Nogokpo.

Fiator Agbodzalu called for Christians to exercise caution in discussing the matter and requested the  Council to advise the Christian community against making references to Nogokpo, in order to foster peace and understanding among religious groups.

He highlighted that Nogokpo is a peaceful town that upholds its principles, and the shrine “Zakadza,” known as the “god of justice and thunder,” is located there. He urged Christians to seek accurate information before engaging in discussions about Nogokpo.

The Fiator emphasized the urgency for the Christian Council to address the issue promptly, calling for an end to negative commentary and insults directed at the deity and the town of Nogokpo.

He underscored the importance of Christians focusing on their own spiritual journeys and responsibilities to avoid potential religious conflicts.

Fiator Agbodzalu warned against  and Christians making derogatory statements about Nogokpo, reminding them that Ghana belongs to everyone and conflicts should be avoided.

He also urged traditional leaders in the Volta Region to unite and prioritize their titles.

Last week, the National Peace Council issued a statement, appealing for calm and safeguarding Ghana’s religious peace in light of the situation.

The council assured that necessary steps were being taken to reconcile the factions and urged individuals to exercise caution in their comments to promote peace and religious tolerance.


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