Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen

And do not forget to do good and share what you have with others, for with these sacrifices, God is pleased” (Heb.13:16).

Many are those that are in need of one basic thing or the other. At Lutheran Media Ministry, we follow the principles of freely giving because freely we have received


Lutheran Media Ministry shares a meal with Mafi Agorve.

There is nothing genuine and refreshing as helping put a smile on a child’s face and Lutheran Media Ministry’s Soup Kitchen does exactly that. Together with volunteers and generous donors the children and town’s people of Mafi Agorve had a festive celebration with food, drinks, and clothing on the 18th of December 2021.


Last year in October, the Lutheran Media outreach team visited Mafi Agorve in the Volta Region for the first time and engaged the town’s folk with film shows, ETS, and evangelized about Christ. The activities shared with the town and their warm reaction were impactful so it was chosen for this year’s soup kitchen.

Volunteers cooking for the Soup Kitchen Event

On the 16th of December when the outreach team arrived at Mafi Agorve, over 200 town’s people gathered at the community center for our film show event. As before the center was filled with energetic reactions and excitement. A musical performance followed the next evening with Johnson Ablemepke and evangelist Emmanuel Senyo sharing the word of God afterward.

The team and volunteer women from the community started cooking on Friday evening in preparation for the soup kitchen on Saturday. The women provided all the saucepans, cooking pots, charcoal, and firewood for cooking. They also helped the ministry’s volunteers in cooking for the town.

More than 400 people were present on Saturday. Food was shared with everyone present. Clothes were also given out to the town’s people.

A church service was held on Sunday 19th December 2021 where the elders and members of LOVE LUTHERAN CHURCH, the newly established church during the previous outreach, were unveiled. The Soup kitchen outreach was brought to an end after the service.

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