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10th October, 2020               No Mask No Entry, No Jesus Not Heaven              Matthew 21:1-14
3rd October, 2020                 Kingdoms of Power, Grace and Glory                      Matthew 21:33-46

26th September, 2020
19th September, 2020
12th September, 2020
5th September, 2020


29th August 2020                 It is a must                                                                      Matthew 16:21
22nd August 2020                The most important question for your life               Matthew 16:13-20
15th August 2020                  Count on Christ’s mercy for you                                Matthew 15:21-28
8th August 2020                   Over coming life’s fear by faith                                   Matthew 14:22-33
1st August 2020                     Divine Compassion                                                      Matthew 14:13-21


25th July 2020                        Confidence to Face Whatever Comes Our Way
18th July 2020                         Hope in Jesus is worth waiting for
11th July 2020                          The Truth of Jesus has a voice
4th July 2020                           Come unto Me and I will give you rest

27th June 2020                        Honour of Jesus’ Sword
20th June 2020                        Jesus is our Treasure
13th June 2020                         I have called you by name
6th June 2020                           The Person and the work of the Holy Trinity             Matt 28:16-20

30th May 2020                         The Person and work of the Holy Spirit                      John 7:37-39
23rd May 2020                         There is power in the name of Jesus                            John 17:1-11
16th May 2020                          Comfort in the Holy Spirit                                             John 14:15-21
9th May 2020                            I am the Way, the Truth and the Life                          John 14:6
2nd May 2020                           The abundant life of Grace                                            John 10:1-10

25th April 2020                         Jesus the Anchor of Hope                                              Luke 24:21a
18th April 2020                         World turned upside down                                            John 20:19-31
11th April 2020                          Have you seen Him                                                         John 20:1-18
4th April 2020                           The cost of Real Love                                                      Matt 2:1-27

28th March 2020                      God Diggs deep                                                                John 11:1-45
21st March 2020                       Who sinned                                                                       John 9:1-3
14th March 2020                      A well that runs deep                                                       John 4: 5-26
7th March 2020                        The Power of New Beginning                                         John 3: 1-17

29th February 2020                 Jesus the Son of God who fights for you                     John 3:1–17
22nd February 2020                Moses and Elijah on the Mountain                              Matt 17:1-9
15th February 2020                  Blessed are you when men reproach you                   Matt 5:11-12
8th February 2020                   You have no right to be angry                                       Matt 5:17-26
1st February 2020                    Repent for the Kingdom of God is near                      Matt 3:2

25th January 2020                   Just in time Lamb of God                                             Gen 22:8
18th January 2020                   Jesus; the Lamb of God                                                 John 1:29-42
11th January 2020                    Baptism Saves                                                                 Mark 16:16
4th January 2020                     Fulfilled work of faith with power                              2 Thess 1:11-12

28th December 2019                Bruised Reeds and Smoking flaxes                            Isaiah 42:2-3
21st December 2019                 The Resurrection                                                           Luke 20:34-40
14th December 2019                 Mercy in Action                                                             Luke 17:11-19






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