Don’t allow yourselves to be used for electoral violence – Bawumia to Ghanaian youth


Don’t allow yourselves to be used for electoral violence – Bawumia to Ghanaian youth

Vice President and Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is admonishing the youth not to allow themselves to be used as conduits for electoral violence.

This comes ahead of the country’s presidential and parliamentary elections which is expected to take place on December 7, 2024.

Over the years, Ghana’s general elections have been marred by violent clashes between opposing factions usually perpetrated by its younger generation.

This has resulted in deaths and destruction to properties while affecting the country’s political stability.

But the Vice President has charged Ghanaians to uphold peace and tolerance for each other to foster unity in the diverse political landscape as the country prepares for the December 7 polls.

Speaking at Thursday’s Eid prayers in the Ashanti region, the Vice President emphasized on the need to embrace an election free of violence.

“As we enter the campaign season for the elections in December, let’s all be guided by acts that will preserve and uphold the diversity of our country and its unity.

“To the youth, you are the nation’s most valuable asset and under no circumstances should you be forced into any form of electoral violence. Ghana needs you safe, active and lively to lead the nation’s charge in the promising fourth industrial revolution.

“Let’s all say no to all forms of electoral violence,” he said.

Ashanti Regional Chief Imam, Sheikh Abdul Mumin Haroun urged the Muslim community to evoke a sense of nationalism as emphasized in the Holy Qur’an.

“Prophet Mohammed emphasized his love for Mecca, but the people rejected him. Love your country and avoid anything that would cause violence,” he said.

After thirty days of fasting and remaining pious before Allah, the Muslim community in the Ashanti region climaxed the holy month of Ramadan with prayers and merrymaking.

Muslims expressed gratitude to Allah for the strength and guidance received during the fast, fostering a sense of compassion and giving.

Some members of the fraternity were grateful for the New Year as they urged other Muslims to continue living in holiness even after the fast.

“Let’s all live a pious life even after the Holy month of Ramadan. Let’s continue to abide by the tenets of Islam,” one of the celebrants said.

credit: myjoyonline